zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Retail Design Dynamics seminar en workshop in UK

Retail Design Dynamics houdt in de UK zijn vijfde seminar en workshop in de UK. Van collega's heb ik begrepen dat de eerste editie meer dan de moeite waard was. Ook interessante sprekers. Voordeel is dat wij ze (meestal) niet kennen en ze ook een andere kijk op de zaken geven.

In the current challenging climate leading UK retailers need to plan intelligent, targeted POS spend for the next 12 months. And the first step is to attend Retail Design Dynamics. In its fifth year, this is the definitive case-study driven event for retail specialists, offering you the chance to learn from, and network with, leading design experts from premier global retailers. This year we move beyond the theory to deliver an agenda that presents practical in-store solutions proven to maximise profitability and market share.

Industry Leading Conference:

· Investing in green initiatives, your ethical credentials & your brand identityHead of CSR - Boots

· Fresh & innovative approach to store design, creating an optimum in-store experience & inspiring consumers with a hi-tech retail environment Retail Concept Director - Nokia

· Find out how you can engage your customers and influence their shopping habits Director of Marketing Services - The Post Office

· The Future of Retail - with a leading industry panelHead of Branch Development - Barclays, Head of Marketing - Lush, Founder - 20/20

· Using your brand & customer aspirations in support of retail design to drive sales Director - Briggs Hillier

· What is the value of in-store technology?Do increasingly sophisticated POS technologies represent a competitive benefit?

· Positioning, insight & capturing the essence of your brand - Timberland, Ruby and Millie, Levi’s and Boots - client case studies Principal Creative Director - Checkland Kindleysides

Interactive Expert Masterclass:
· The shopper’s perspective Understand what your existing, and future customers, really want and need from your store - insight into a store environment that engages and inspires – Shoppercentric
· Unforgettable retail experience that inspires loyalty Tailor in-store design to differentiate from competitors, combining usability and style to engage customers – 2020

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